Return to Your Wild

Remember when I tell you, that you are layer upon layer of wonder and light. Inside your skin, there is a strength, a resilience, a power, a force that even you can’t reckon with. No matter how broken you might feel right now, how many scars you have from hands that should never have dared to touch, from words that split your heart in half, you are a whole being. Fragmented, out of sync, bruised or plain old tired, whatever your state of being in this very moment, you are whole. Inside of you is a fire, a flame that could burn down an entire forest, your roots run deep, your love stands tall but that fire is what keeps you alive. You are passion, you are soul, you are all the tears you never deserved to cry, and through your deepest pain, you are the most beautiful you have ever been. 

Think hard about the times that you have fallen, the bitterness of the break, the times when you lay your head on the cold of the ground and you cried from the pit of your stomach. Think of that fire and how the flames enveloped you and yet from that heat you rose again and again. Arms outstretched you pulled yourself up and here you are, a woman who’s branches reach far beyond their capabilities and still they sway in the wind. 

You may sit in many more moments of solitude than you would care to admit, looking outwards, blinded by lights and dreams of women you don’t even know. You may feel that they have it all together, pieces of a perfectly formed puzzle, slotting into an effortless alignment. But they are a mix up of corners, and straight edges, landscapes of dark and light, just as you are. It is easy as a woman, to feel utterly downtrodden, yet still stamp on your own fractured toes. But in the moments of despair, when the lights are dimmed and it’s just you and your wild thoughts, take yourself back to when it all began. 

Where is that little girl running careless and free in summer fields? The teen that dared to speak her truth because she didn’t care for retribution? The young woman who walked confidently down streets unknown, carving out days on her own terms as she stepped away from all that no longer served her? 

That girl is a woman now. She is you. There is a hunger in your soul, it is craving your attention, it is demanding that you go back to your wild self, it’s not a tickle within you, its a thunder and it’s asking you to stand outside in the storm and cleanse yourself from every mark of fear. You will never feel completely ready, it will never be the ’right’ time, there will always be the side of your soul that wants to hide like a secret under the hallway cupboard. But let me tell you, no matter what you think of yourself right now, despite the doubts and the restless beats that tremor you are layer upon layer of wonder and light. 

It’s ok to be the quiet one, the understated, the one who’s biggest dreams, wildest passions and burning love remains within whats known. You don’t need to shout from the rooftops, sing bold and melodic songs of power and praise or fight your battles in a public ring. What’s within you, that wild seed that once was sewn, that is all you need. There is in each of us, that fierce spirit and the only mountain it needs to move right now is your own. Stand up and wear those scars as though they are robes of gold. Don’t be ashamed of that deep desire to run free with the wind in your hair, don’t hide from the greatness of your soul in all its forms. As the darker days grow old under the blaze of the sun and the earth begins to breathe again, be bold, uncover that beautiful, courageous creature. She is your wild and now is the time to own her with all your might. 

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